We are Real People

As you find out about us, you will see that we are parents, grandparents, educators and people who genuinely enjoy life.

WHY This Site Exists

Education and entertainment can coexist, but not in the way many students are doing it today. Their iPods and cell phones take precedence over books and brains.

Both of the founders of this site have spent our entire careers in the classroom. Neither of us want to go back to “the good ‘ole days,” but there are some things that would be good to see again.

  •  Critical thinking was a joy to behold
  •  The passionate pursuit of excellence was rewarding
  •  Strong parental support was reassuring
  •  Leadership unencumbered with bureaucracy was efficient
  •  Faculty room cynicism was minimal

Negative components of education have always existed, but it appears that those negatives are rapidly creeping upwards on the normal distribution curve.

In the eyes of many it’s all the TEACHERS’ FAULT.

Our goal for this site is to bring to the intellectual table the possibility that looking for blame might be wrong approach. It might actually be better for each individual, whether teacher, administrator, student or parent, to aim vigorously to achieve a level of radical excellence that brings us all to a high level of quality.

That Radical Excellence can be attained as we return to applying traditional values to how we do things, but simultaneously, step out of the status quo box and run the risk of trying some new things that might actually work really well.

HOW This Site Exists

Neither of us are Internet gurus or webmaster experts.

There are two factors, however, giving us the impetus to create this website.

First of all, we both felt that we had a positive message to give that might help some people to come closer to the excellence of learning that was there for the taking.

Second, as we narrowed the gap between the classroom and retirement, we began exploring ways of supplementing our retirement income.

The combination of those two reasons gave us the impetus to learn the mechanics and esthetics of producing communicative and profitable websites. Our initial efforts were frustratingly futile. It wasn’t that we couldn’t find information, but that the unbelievable amount of information became overwhelming. Not only overwhelming, but also contradictory.

Our continued searching finally yielded two resources that gave us the vehicle for creating sites that would prove to be useful in conveying information and also enable us to produce a supplement to our income.

The site that gives an excellent “big picture” overview yet couples it with practical nuts-and-bolts is SBI!. This site literally provides a full-on web site and business development course (both video and written) that guided us effectively in developing this informational site.

In fact, SBI! gives a free Masters’ Course that alone is an amazing resource.


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