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A Christian Worldview.
Don’t fake it…LIVE IT!Christian Worldview

The stated intent to develop a strong Christian worldview should be the strongest differentiation between Christian schools and the secular system, whether public or private.

We contend that the secular school emphasis on diversity and “everyone’s entitled to their own opinion” has essentially eliminated critical thinking and open, thoughtful dialogue among students and teachers.

Furthermore, in many secular systems, free speech is perfectly acceptable… as long as it’s Liberal Free Speech.

Let’s get real.

The real issue isn’t your view on liberal versus conservative, ideas about the size of government or even how the economy works best within a capitalism system.

Ultimately, any worldview comes down to discovering the answers to some fundamental questions.

  • Does a Higher Power Being or concept exist?
  • What are the ramifications of the answer to the first question?
  • How does our belief system affect our daily decisions?

Humans are unique in our global, symbiotic system.

  • we think at a higher level than simple survival
  • we reflect on the abstract
  • we love or hate at a distance
  • we ask the question “why?”

The danger in the present culture of many Christian schools is that we have reduced the conflict to that between science and religion or the adoption of conservative political issues.

The real battle is far greater than those issues and reduce to two simple questions.

  • Does God exist or not?
  • What are the results of the answer to that question?

Join us as we address specific issues that present strong reasons why adopting a Christian worldview is a logical and intellectually sound decision.

We will address specific items as follows.

  • How old is old?
  • What do Einstein and his buddies have to do with it?
  • “Let There be Light”
  • Does an evolutionary mechanism exist?
  • What does arm swinging when walking have to do with the appendix?
  • Have we abandoned the Scientific Method?

As this site continues to grow, those and other issues will be discussed at length.