Education Leadership

The Beautiful Burden of Excellent Leadership

Exceed the Mundane education leadershipTo acquire the type of leadership that transcends the mundane, you must first have the intense desire to be that leader. That desire doesn’t arise from some unknown spirit that sneaks up on you and interposes itself in your mind. Desire is a chosen attribute, one that you think logically about and then choose to pursue. There are several fundamental issues that must be consistently and confidently addressed if your ability to generate enthusiastic followers comes to total fulfillment.

  • The MISSION of the group or project must be clearly stated and unwaveringly followed.
  • You must have personal GOALS that are firmly established and vigorously followed.
  • Effective leaders create a system of genuine COLLEGIALITY.
  • Confident managers and motivators know how to ADDRESS  DIFFICULTIES with firm fairness in a manner that emerges from the difficulty stronger and wiser.
  • Outstanding motivators in any environment have a habit of REPLICATING themselves, encouraging others to become like them.
  • Finally, true “Captains of the Ship,” the kind people line up to follow, MODEL the characteristics and actions they want their followers to acquire.

Many school administrators are decent managers… there are enough chairs in each room and the announcements are given on time. Not-so-many are great leaders. You know, the type of whom teachers say, “You should come work at my school. The boss exudes confidence and creates a shared vision in all employees. Can that be you? Is that who you want to be?