Great Learning can Happen Anywhere

HomeschoolersHomeschooler, you have our highest commendations! To undertake the educational adventure of teaching your children at home is an amazing feat.

The rewards can be great. The task can be momentous.

Let’s face it, there are some people who think you are more than a little nuts. Maybe there are days when you agree with them. But deep down, you know you are doing the right thing.

Pioneers without covered wagons.

Interestingly, many people had the same opinion of the early pioneers who made the westward journey in covered wagons, kids and balky mules.

The trip had its dangers, but also its moments of marvelous grandeur and eternal memories.

Finally that shining moment of arrival came, their destination of destiny fulfilled.

You are on that kind of journey, and we are excited for you.

In the “for what it’s worth” department, in my university class, students who are home schooled consistently place in the upper twenty percent of the class academically, socially and with the ability to think critically.

Even though that is the norm, even some homeschooling students are not highly motivated. Many teenagers seek for a deeper meaning in life, but don’t know where to turn to find that meaning. One of our ebooks, Get a Grip – Join Life addresses critical issues from the perspective of teenagers who live in today’s complex environment.

What do you give up?

One other trade-off in the homeschool adventure is that often you give up significant income to stay at home and join in your childrens’ learning. One possibility of replacing part or all of that lost income is to start a stay-at-home Internet business that fits in with the adventuresome lifestyle you have chosen.

What can you gain?

Combining Productive Projects with real-life situations is a strong component of home school education. You can transcend the textbook and break out of the confining box of traditional school. When intellectual stimulation is combined with reality and lifelong learning, the best of both systems helps us grow as people.

Exploring Productive Projects.

Educational projects you perform with your homeschool children can start early on in their learning, but as your kids get older, they will benefit most from those activities infused with a practical and beneficial nature.

Great projects for homeschooling should have the following characteristics.

  • Have genuine application to everyday life.
  • Excellent curriculum already written, but modifiable.
  • Expand intellectual horizons.
  • Benefit students who might not be academically motivated.
  • Be of benefit to others and rewarding to the student.
  • Hold the potential to be a family driven project.
  • Continue on into adulthood.

 Recommended Productive Projects.

We know you homeschooling parents (and students) are busy people. But you are also ambitious and active beyond schooling. Thus we have several Positive Project suggestions for you to incorporate into your home schooling activities. Read below the list to find out more about each of the projects we recommend.

 Build and Internet business: Many people today are Internet comfortable, but are not necessarily Internet savvy. They may say, “I want to build an online business,” but lack the knowledge to create either the web presence or the business operation itself. Our highest recommendation focuses on using SBI! as the tested and proven vehicle for giving you the entire knowledge-set you need to build a productive web-based business.

Another top-notch Internet training program focusing on affiliate marketing is the No Cost Income Stream system developed by Eric Holmlund and some friends. Based on experience and integrity, this program includes many high quality videos, the possibility of personal coaching and several free bonus packages.

Golf as a Home School Curriculum: This curriculum combines the thrill of golfing (or learning how to golf) with science, math, art, reading, writing and design. Take something that is already enjoyable and combine it with practical application of “school stuff,” and an event with lifelong results occurs.

Geocaching for Health and Happiness: Geocaching combines hiking, exploring and great family activities into one exciting time that can last throughout life and can be done almost anywhere in the world.

Excellent Emergency Preparedness: Emergencies can happen anywhere. Almost always without warning, the need to be prepared is obvious. Explore the site for practical things you can do as a family to be really prepared. Coming soon is a science-related series of lessons that review the concepts that produce the emergency and why specific preparations work.

Write, Publish and Market an ebook: Combine writing skills, technology applications with business skills, and lifetime of benefit can result. An entire course in using ebook writing as a Power Project is coming soon, but in the meantime, you can check out the ebook portion of my own business at Eleventh Mountain Ebooks.



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