Classroom Management

Your teaching potential will never be realized unless your classroom management techniques produce an environment that allows creativity to fluorish.

We contend, however, that outstanding teaching occurs when classroom leadership transcends management activities. Your structure and classroom control can keep a class quiet, attentive and obedient, but your classroom LEADERSHIP can bring your students into a degree of radical excellence that will be memorable in their lives.

When you stand in front of your class, for those moments, you are the most important person in their lives. Your passion, your energy, your leadership all join together producing a system that inspires your students to perform brilliantly.

Rules need to exist in your classroom, but if students perceive you only within the context of those rules, something is definitely missing.

The process of achieving the uniquely creative classroom we envision is way more challenging than it was thirty years ago.

  • the “radical individualism” of students is greater than ever
  • the distraction of EED’s (Electronic Entertainment Devices) is almost considered a student right
  • a growing number of parents are beginning to think that enabling of their children is a desirable parenting skill
  • many students come to us almost devoid of critical thinking or memorization skills

There is no perfect method of classroom management or leadership.

There is no perfect method, but there are multiple ideas that can be explored, then developed into a system that works best for our individual personalities and philosophies of teaching.


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